Poemas inéditos de Salomón de la Selva

Luis Bolanos nos envía este poema inédito de Salomón de la Selva, publicado en un periódico de Texas en 1919. Son versos cargados de una sensualidad característica de su poesía en inglés de esta época:

    The Wharves of God

    I will discover all of you some day.
    In a cool darkness, if so Heaven wills,
    My fingers shall be flocks over your hills,
    My kisses birds that light and flash away:
    And in a rose bay fringed with goldenrod,
    Beyond a sea most infinitely deep,
    I’ll ride at anchorat the port of sleep
    And stand, a man, before the wharves of God!

    All this shall be when earth and sea and sky
    Have claimed your every loveliness they gave;
    Their beauty, touched of you, will hidden lie
    In perfectness that only I shall know.
    Until that day, the world’s paths or the grave
    All’s one to me, the selfsame daily woe.

Published by the Laredo Times newspaper on July 6th 1919.

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